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SureClose Adjustable Gate Closer & Hinge  Internal Mount - Precision Engineered & Superbly Finished

SureClose FAQ's

Q: If one orders ‘Snap Action’ Hinges, can the ‘Snap Action’ feature be turned off?

A: Yes, the snap action can be adjusted to virtually eliminate it from the hinge.

Q: Are all hinges and brackets made of steel?

A: All the hinges are aluminum. The hinge brackets and post brackets can be either aluminum, for mechanically fastening, or steel for welding.

Q: What finish, if any, is on these hinges?

A: Both the aluminum and steel components are powder coated.

Q: Do all hinges have the same diameter threaded shaft?

A: All hinges have the same diameter threaded shaft yes.

Q: What size hole saw (for threaded shaft) is required to mount these hinges?

A: Flush mount 1-9/16" (40mm), Center Mount 1-7/8" (48mm).

Q: Are these recommended on gates up to 40” wide only?

A: Self-closing weights are based on a maximum gate size of 72"H x 40"W (1800x1000mm). For gates with greater HxW, or if conditions such as wind play a role, use hinge combinations with higher self-closing weight ratings.

Q: Do hinges and brackets come with installation instructions?

A: Installation instructions are included with all hinges and post brackets. They are also available online here.