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Deck Lighting is an easy way to make your deck stand out from the crowd. Whether it's low voltage or solar, the beauty of your outdoor area is enhanced by the soft glow of the evening lights. A hard wired low voltage system allows you to control the lighting, turning it on when you need it and off when you don't. Solar lights come on automatically in the evening and turn off during the day to collect more energy to charge the batteries which operate the lights, no wiring required. Shown below are some of the products we carry to help you complete your decking project. Typical Low Voltage Installation
  Low Voltage Lighting

LED Low Voltage Wire
and Transformers

LED Low Voltage
 Deck Lights

Hard wired low voltage accessories to light up your deck. Easy 'plug-and-play' wiring harness with male and female connectors makes installation simple. Programmable transformer can be set to turn on and off at desired time or use the built-in photo eye to turn on during the day and off at night. Adjustable dimmer switch gives you just the right brightness.

  Solar Lighting

Solar Access Connect Caps
and Wiring

LED Solar
Deck Lights

It doesn't get any easier than this. Mount the Solar Access Connect Post Caps to your post and plug in the wiring harness for the accessories. The solar collector on the cap powers the accessories. Simple 'plug-and-play' installation using wiring harness with male and female connectors. Lights turn on at night and off during the day to recharge the batteries that power the lights.

  Low Voltage and Solar Lighting Post Caps

Low Voltage/Solar Caps
for Vinyl Posts

Low Voltage/Solar Caps
for Wood Posts

Solar Caps
for Ornamental Posts
We carry a large assortment of low voltage and solar powered post caps and accessories for vinyl, wood, and ornamental aluminum posts. Included are a huge variety of styles and colors to make your deck a desirable living space. Mix or match the post caps and accessories above for a unique lighting display.