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Output from the Chain Link Calculator™

This is the output after entering the quantity of each stretch of fence, number of terminals and gates. Then by choosing the menu item "Options", you can quickly switch to different specifications that you have previously saved. (Windows Vista shown)

You can easily switch the height of the fence with two quick "clicks" of the mouse. Click "Height" and choose your height. Take a quick look at your cost when that special customer asks for a discount. Click "Setup/Prices" and choose cost. The entire list is recomputed in a split second to show itemized and total cost. It is very simple to play "what if" by changing specifications. It is so easy, you can quote several prices within seconds. A task that would take many hours per day for all the quotes and variations that are requested of you.

The example screen below demonstrates that the Calculator is ready to "compute" the moment you get it. The black itemized print will show that the price for that item was from your database file and the light colored print indicates that the price is from the built-in default prices that came with the Calculator. You can quickly point at the line item, "right-click" your mouse and a screen pops up that allows you to input your price, part number, and markup factor for that item. When you close the window, your changes will be saved to your database file and the screen will display the item in black to indicate that. You build your database as you work. There is no need to spend days entering part prices before you can start to use the Calculator. This is a user friendly program that goes to work for you immediately.

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