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What is this program?

The Chain Link Calculator v2.0, figures chain link material lists and prices.

Just input quantities of footages, terminals and gates and play what-ifs all day long, switching heights, gauges and other variables at the click of the mouse. No more aggravation from that customer that wants 5 different prices. How often have you spent an hour or two preparing a detailed estimate and proposal only to have the customer "trash" your work by asking, "How much is it for 7' high?". Saves valuable time at a cost that is unbelievable! If it doesn't save you enough time in the first week of use, I'll eat your post hole digger. An online version of this program gets used 100 times per day right here at this site. This Windows PC version does much more for the serious professional.

Input your quantities; footage for each line, regular terminals, odd hookups, swing gates and cantilever gates and BANG! you are done. Not only do you have a material list, but the total price. Now add barbwire, middle rail, bottom rail, tension wire, braces and trusses or more by choosing the options on the menu. Copy and paste into your favorite word processor for additional editing and you are done. A professional proposal in less than 15 minutes. Once you enter the quantities into the program, you can switch heights and other specifications instantly. You can figure dozens of alternative prices for your favorite customers in less than a minute!

NOW - Add Cantilever Gates, Oversized Cantilever Gate Posts, Specs, Product Numbers and more!

The Chain Link Calculator figures sales tax, labor, over-sized swing gate posts, and much more. Save your specifications so you can input quantities and switch from tubing, SS40 or sch. 40 framework at the click or two of the mouse. Change heights, wall thickness, diameters, post depths or nearly any other specification easily. I even figures concrete yardage automatically. You can set the size of footers for regular terminals, line posts and gate posts.

"Fence Smart Wizard"! - Have an expert on board to prompt you when you have forgotten something in your estimate. Did you forget gate posts? Are the weights and O.D.'s of the posts sufficient for that height? "Fence Smart Wizard" will warn you of potential problems. This feature alone could save you thousands of dollars in mistakes. It will help train your salesman at the same time to be aware of factors that can be overlooked easily. For the person that figures chain link fences infrequently, it would be like hiring a chain link expert. The program already has a built-in feature that warns of impedding disaster. If there is no price on the item in the configuration you are attempting...it could be there is no such thing and you are trying to build a fence that is impossible or structurally unsound.

Note: This program was created by the original owner of Hoover Fence Company, Frank Hoover. His expertise in fence and computer programming is still being appreciated by the employees and current owner of the company, Chad Hoover, his son. Though this program is very powerful and extremely useful, Frank considered this a "beta" version and was still searching for bugs to fix before releasing a final version (with a substantial increase in price of course). Unfortunately, Frank passed away before completing his work on this project. This program is sold "as is" and is not warranted by any means. We can not guarantee the accuracy of the program. Please test it as you will with the free demo and decide if this program is for you. We feel it is certainly worth your purchase price.  Hoover Fence Company

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