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LiftMaster™ Solar Panels

Solar panels are available through LiftMaster, chosen specifically for LiftMaster gate operators. Operators are normally powered by a transformer/battery system. For areas where the transformer is not practical, such as remote areas where running a low voltage wire or AC outlet is not possible, the alternative is to power the operators using these solar panels. The 12V solar panels offered here are optional non-breakable 10 watt/20watt solar panels used to charge the batteries that power the operators. Mounting bracket is included with panel, normally used to mount panel to a post. Naturally, these panels have to be mounted in a location that receives direct sunlight for most of the day to function properly (facing south). Low power consumption devices should be used when powered by a solar panel. Choose your accessories wisely when using this type of system. Also, the larger 33 amp hour battery available from LiftMaster is recommended when using solar panels. This larger battery will provide more reserve power for increased cycles. This battery can be found here. Note: (Solar panel manufacturer may vary, specifications will remain the same)
LiftMaster Gate Operators

SP10W12V 10 Watt/12V Solar Panel

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SP10W12V   10 Watt 12V Solar Panel w/10' Cable Call for Quote -
SP20W12V   20 Watt 12V Solar Panel w/10' Cable Call for Quote -