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Miller Safety Edges for Sliding, Swinging and Rolling Gates

Miller Safety Edges for Sliding, Swinging and Rolling Gates - Most positive emergency stopping device available for motor-driven doors and gates. Should be used on all power-operated doors and gates. Wide variety for easy installation on nearly any door or gate. Styles available for square or round gate posts and uprights. Models available for barrier gates as well. Made in black or caution OSHA yellow. Wires to the control box for your gate operator.

Air Hose Safety Edges

Air Hose Safety Edges for Garage Doors - Reliable safety device for heavy use garage doors. Gummed air hose fits inside bottom of door molding. Used with an air hose switch which senses an obstruction and either stops or reverses the garage door, depending on the operator and how it is wired. Requires no air compressor. Coiled cords and cord reels complete the installation. Also included on this page are air hose warning bell systems, remember the "ding-ding" sound at gas stations? Can also be hooked up to an air hose switch to activate any buzzer, bell, or chime. Use for free exit or entrance, wired or wireless with the proper components.
Miller Gate Edge Bumper Extrusion Miller Gate Edge Bumper Extrusion - This is not a safety sensing edge. Designed to provide a flexible cushion to the leading or trailing edge of a gate with 2" uprights. Easily attaches to the gate by inserting screws throught the mounting flange into the gate upright. Made to cushion the closing gate to eliminate the load crashing sound. Extends life of the operator and gate. Keeps sharp gate edge from scratching vehicles if they should come in contact with the gate edge.