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Fire Strobe 2000

Fire Strobe 2000 - Provides rapid access to automatic gates and secured areas. It opens gates when activated by an emergency vehicle equipped with the standard operational strobe. The most common frequency is (14Hz). Additional frequencies are available upon request. The Fire Strobe 2000 is received optically by line of sight. The range varies with the ambient light and intensity of the strobe emitter.  A typical range varies from 150 feet to 500 feet. The detector will not allow false operation with unwanted signals from radio interference, and/or flashing headlights or loud sounds
Click2Enter Click2Enter - Click2Enter is a mobile/portable radio entry device for emergency vehicles. Taps the state-of-the-art electronics now designed into modern scanner radio technology to give public safety personnel (Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance / Rescue or any authorized user) a quick, safe, reliable and stealthy means to activate gates and security control mechanisms using their portable or mobile radios. To activate the Click2Enter, the operator must be proximate to the device. Two short transmission pulses of an emergency vehicle radio transceiver is all that is required to initiate immediate entry.

Lock Boxes for Emergency Vehicles or Postal Carrier Access

Lock Boxes - Provides Fire Department and Postal Carrier access through automated gates and doors. Three models available. Easy installation and connection. Surface or post mount. Highly visible with bold type. Knox pad lock or keyswitch used for emergency entrance. Postal Lock Box uses standard postal key lock. Vandal resistant rugged steel cabinets with stainless steel faceplates.