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EMX Pre-Formed Loops

EMX Pre-Formed Loops - EMX loops are rugged flexible TPE tubing with overall diameter of 0.26 inches suitable for saw cut, tar and concrete installation. Installed in driveway to detect automobiles for safety purposes. Constructed of stranded wire conductors with thermo-plastic elastomer insulation jacketing. This loop is not recommended for gravel installation. Can be used in sets to provide safety, free exit and free entrance. Loop detector sold separately.
National Brand Pre-Formed Loops National Brand Pre-Formed Loops - National loops are enclosed in a rugged PVC conduit with overall diameter of 7/8". Suitable for gravel drives as well as saw cut asphalt or concrete installations. Comes with 50' of twisted and jacketed 18 ga. lead-in wire. Available in 6'x12' and 6'x15' loop sizes. Multiple sets can be used to provide safety, free exit and free entrance. Loop detector sold separately.
BD Loops Preformed Saw-Cut Loops - Preformed 3/16'' Saw-Cut Loops with 16 AWG loop wire designed for superior performance. Avaliable with 20', 40', and 100' lead-ins. Built in backer rod and three levels of insulation for protection. No need to make 2nd saw-cut for lead in. Lead-in and loop jacket are the same size. For installation in asphalt or concrete in a 3/16'' saw-cut groove. Available in many sizes.
BD Loops Preformed Direct Burial Inductance Loops - Preformed Direct Burial Inductance Loops used for installations under concrete, asphalt, pavers, or gravel roads. Unlike loops wrapped through PVC, the BD Loop does not have an air pocket, resulting in fewer phantom detections. Available with 20', 40' and 100' lead-ins. Available in many sizes.
BD Loops Accessories - Tools and other products to cut time and installation costs in regards to loop system installations. Accessories include Diamond Saw Blades for Concrete and Asphalt, Specialty Loop Sealant that cures in freezing temperatures, and tools to check loops and detectors alike.
EMX Surface Mount Loop Pad EMX Surface Mount Loop Pad - The EMX Surface Mount Loop Pad mounts on the surface. Recommended for EMX D-Tek loop detectors below. Made of black polypropylene with a 50' shielded twisted pair lead-in. Includes lead-in guard.
EMX Loop Detectors EMX Vehicle Loop Detectors - The EMX line of loop detectors provide all the features and controls necessary for a wide variety of gate operator applications. Compact design for easy installation into small gate operator housings. One detector required for each function. Use with any of our loops. DC or AC compatible models available to be used with nearly all gate operators.
Linear/OSCO Compatible Loop Detector Systems EDI Vehicle Loop Detectors - Linear/OSCO Compatible - These loop detectors are available individually and pre-wired in the Linear/OSCO gate operators. Vehicle loop detectors are available for 12-24V AC or DC applications. Loops are available as Loop Wire Kits with Sealant for concrete or asphalt applications, or as Preformed Loops in PVC for all uses including gravel applications. A plug-in detector is available for all Linear/OSCO operators utilizing the APeX control board.