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RadioKey 600 Proximity Reader

RadioKey 600 - The RadioKey 600 - RK600 stand alone proximity reader is a low priced, single door system. Capability for up to 600 cards. Includes built-in reader and programming keypad. Up to 6" reading distance. Simply hold your key tag or card near the unit to gain access. DC power supply included. Cards and key tags can be validated or voided by using the keypad without the use of the key tag or card. Compact, weather-resistant, surface mounted access control unit with internal reader can be used alone for most applications. Optional auxillary reader available.

AAS ProxPad Proximity Reader

American Access Systems ProxPad - Unit combines proximity reader with a keypad. Either or both devices can be used for entry. Proximity card code capacity of 2000, keypad capacity of 100. Ideal choice for any application in which a proximity reader and keypad are needed for additional security or just for dual modes of entry. With the stand alone system, there is even an optional printer that can record the entry times and dates of all prox card users.

EMX PRX-320 Proximity Reader/Keypad

EMX PRX-320 Proximity Reader/Keypad - Stand-alone combination proximity reader/keypad. 12VDC unit can be used on solar installations. Either or both devices can be used for entry with 4 entry modes for added security. Card capacity of 2000, accepts up to 8 user passwords for keypad entry. Use as a keypad for some users and as a proximity card reader for others. Built-in contact for doorbell enunciators. Waterproof unit is appropriate for use on gates or doors where the weather conditions are a factor. Easily mounts to a wall or gooseneck stand.

EMX BlueGuard Bluetooth Enabled Stand-Alone Access Control Modules - Completely hands-free, stand-alone access control systems. No cards to swipe, buttons to press, or gizmos to carry. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled cell phone! BlueGuard recognizes Bluetooth enabled cell phones when they move into range, verifies the phone's unique ID and activates its output to the access control system. Up to 10 cell phones may be bounded with the BlueGuard BG-FE for hands-free access (phone not included). The BlueGuard VK models turn unlimited Bluetooth cell phones into a virtual keypads to input a 4-6 digit code for entry. Easy setup, no cards, keys or other devices needed.