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Allister, Pulsar and Allstar compatible radio controls

Allister / Pulsar / Allstar - Transmitters with 2 position or 3 position switches. Compatible with most Allister, Pulsar and Allstar products. One and three button remotes. Also available are receivers, keypads, wall station and replacement board for Allistar and Allstar garage door operators.
Digi-Code Stanley Compatibles Digi-Code (Stanley compatible) - Transmitters operate at 310 MHz to be compatible with Stanley openers. Available in one, two and three button styles and mini-chain version. Compatible receiver and coaxial antenna kit are also offered here.

Digi-Code Transmitters - Compatible with OSCO Gate Operators

Digi-Code (Linear/OSCO compatible) - 300 MHz transmitters are our recommendation for use with Linear/OSCO gate operators. Comes in models featuring one, two and three buttons. Also comes in a mini-keychain model. Digi-Code 300 MHz receiver and optional coaxial antenna kit available here also.

TrackPIN Smart Garage Access System

TrackPIN Smart Garage Access System - is a revolutionary system that allows you to control access to your garage anytime of the day, from anywhere with internet access. Keypad has a range of 1000' and allows you can grant and deny temporary or total access to your guests at anytime using the free app.
Domino Universal Keypad Domino - Universal keyless entry system is compatible with ALL garage door openers. 1-6 digit code with over one million possiblities. Has lighted keypad. Comes with batteries and control box. 5 year warranty. Wireless entry from outside your garage, no more getting locked out of your garage!

DoorKing Microclik RF Transmitters and Receiver

DoorKing Microclik RF - Transmitters and receivers offer the most convenient method for resident vehicular access control. Like a card, each transmitter is coded to one in over 1,000,000 unique codes allowing individual transmitters to be added or deleted from the system memory as required.  Transmitter codes can also be placed in time zones. Many options and accessories available to make a system that works for you.

EMX Long Ranger

EMX Long Ranger - Transmitter and receivers that operate from distances up to 1100 feet! Transmitters are mini-keychain type. Receivers can learn up to 15 different codes. Receivers available for control box mounting or weather-proof version for mounting outdoors. Great with any 12/24 volt DC accessory system such as GTO or Elite. Replaces the receiver you have to give you unparalleled performance.

EMX BlueGuard Bluetooth Enabled Stand-Alone Access Control Modules - Completely hands-free, stand-alone access control systems. No cards to swipe, buttons to press, or gizmos to carry. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled cell phone! BlueGuard recognizes Bluetooth enabled cell phones when they move into range, verifies the phone's unique ID and activates its output to the access control system. Up to 10 cell phones may be bounded with the BlueGuard BG-FE for hands-free access (phone not included). The BlueGuard VK models turn unlimited Bluetooth cell phones into a virtual keypads to input a 4-6 digit code for entry. Easy setup, no cards, keys or other devices needed.

Genie Transmitters and Keypads

Genie - Transmitter and kepads for Genie openers. Includes compatibles and Intellicode transmitters. Transmitters come with batteries and visor clips. One, two and three button styles available. Keypads have slide-up cover and backlit buttons, designed for exterior mounting for access to your garage using a pushbutton code. Handy entry device to complement your garage door opener.

GTO Transmitters for GTO and Mighty Mule Gate Operators

GTO - Manufactured by GTO specifically for GTO and Mighty Mule gate operators. Includes one, two and three button remotes. Garage door receiver available to convert your opener to operate with GTO transmitters, no longer need separate remotes for gate and garage door. All GTO products operate at 318 MHz.

Heddolf GTO/PRO Compatible Transmitters

Heddolf (GTO/PRO Compatible) - Transmitters that work on 318 MHz to be compatible with our GTO/PRO operators. Includes one, two and three button remotes. Mini-keychain remote also available in one or two buttons. Good replacement or addition for GTO compatible transmitters. 12/24 AC/DC 318 MHz receiver also available.

Heddolf Transmitters - Overhead Door Compatible

Heddolf "O" Series (Overhead Door Compatible) - 360 MHz transmitters compatible with Overhead Door receivers. Available in single button remote and mini-keychain remote.

Lift-Master Digital Transmitters

LiftMaster Digital Series - Old model Transmitters compatible with LiftMaster units made between 1984 to 1992. Limited Quantities Available.

Lift-Master Billion Code Series Transmitters

LiftMaster Billion Code Series - Old model Transmitters compatible with LiftMaster units made between 1993 to 1997. Limited Quantities Available.

Lift-Master Security+ Series Transmitters

LiftMaster Security+ Series - Old model Transmitters compatible with LiftMaster units made between 1988 to 2005. Limited Quantities Available.

Lift-Master Passport Security+ Series Transmitters

LiftMaster Passport Security+ Series - Old model Transmitters compatible with LiftMaster Security+ units. Limited Quantities Available.

Lift-Master Security+ 2.0 Series Transmitters

LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 Series - This series is compatible with all LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Sears operators with a "learn" button of any color made after 1993. Transmitters work on 315 and 390 MHz. Can be used as a replacement remote control for 80 Series, 970 Series, and 370 Series LiftMaster transmitters. Available as three button remotes in mini-keychain style and visor styles. Wireless keypad also offered. Also available are dip switch style transmitters and receiver designed for applications requiring a large number of remotes for a common entrance, operates at 310, 315, and 390 MHz. Transmitters: 890max, 893max, 895max. Dip Switch Transmitters: 811LM, 813LM, 850LM Receiver.

Lift-Master Two Button Universal Transmitter

LiftMaster Universal Transmitter - Compatible with a wide variety of frequencies including 300/310/315/368/390 and MY Q 2.0 technology. Compatible with all LiftMaster transmitters including the dip switch 60 series transmitters. Also works with many other manufacturers remotes including Chamberlain, Linear, Genie, Overhead Door, Stanley, Wayne Dalton, Multicode, Moore-O-Matic, Master Mechanic Raynor, True Value, and Sears Craftsman openers. Two button model only. Operate two openers with one remote even when openers are made by different manufacturers. Great for gate/garage door applications. Transmitter: 375LM

Linear Transmitters and Receivers

Linear - 310 MHz Linear transmitters work with Delta-3 receivers. Single button remote has 8 2-position switches. Two button has 2 sets of these switches to operate 2 doors. Compatible receiver, keypad and mini-remote available. Also on this page are medium range 303 MHz transmitters/receivers as well as long range 315 MHz transmitters/receivers.

Linear XTended Range Transmitters and Receivers

Linear Xtended Range Transmitter and Receiver - 27.255 MHz Wireless receiver and transmitter is more than twice as powerful, 6 times more sensitive, and 3 times more immune to interference than the next best mid-range radio frequency wireless system. Range is 2 miles for line-of-site handheld transmitter.

Linear MegaCode Transmitters and Receivers

Linear MegaCode - Pre-programmed codes set at factory for each transmitter.Operates at 318 MHz. MegaCode receiver memorizes each transmitter's code. No dip switches used. Available in one, two or four button remotes. Compatible receiver found on this page along with mini-transmitters and compatible keypad with receiver.

Linear Genie Compatible Transmitters and Receivers

Linear Genie Compatible - 390 MHz Linear transmitters and receivers use the exact same encoding circuits as Genie, so they are 100% compatible with Genie Pro (Intellicode format) and Overhead Door (Codedodger format) GDOs. Genie compatible receiver can be used with Linear Entry Systems to provide the convenience of using the same transmitter for gate and garage entry.

Miller Transmitter and Receiver for Sensing Edges

Miller Single Channel Transmitter and Receiver and Miller Three Channel Transmitter and Receiver - Designed to provide obstacle sensing protection for motorized gates and doors. Easily mounted and wired to the gate or door edge sensor. The three channel version accepts transmissions from up to three different devices.

Multi-Code Transmitters

Multi-Code - 300 MHz transmitters and receivers are just some of the items featured on this page. The 300 MHz transmitters come in one, two and four button versions. A variety of mini-keychain and receiver models are available. Some odd 40.685 MHz transmitters and receiver can be found here also.

Stanley Transmitters

Stanley - 310 MHz transmitters are available in one button or two button remotes. Compatible three button and four button models from other manufacturers are offered here also. Many other items are offered here including receivers, keypads, replacement sensors and a Stanley Secure-Code keypad and mini-keychain transmitter.