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GTO Vehicle Alert System

GTO Wireless Vehicle Alarm System - Keep track of the comings and goings on your property with this electromagnetic sensor alert system. When a vehicle passes the sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone and lets you know someone's there. Detects vehicles only, no false alarms by animals or children. Totally wireless, requires no digging! Range up to 400 ft. Transmitter powered by batteries, long battery life with low battery indicator.

Air Hose Warning Bell

Air Hose and Accessories - Driveway treadle hose system alerts to outside traffic when the vehicle runs over the treadle hose. The hose activates a bell, buzzer, or chime to alert the occupant of the arrival or departure of a vehicle. This system is perfect for long residential driveways, drive-thru businesses, service centers, and gas stations (remember the "ding-ding" sound?). Can also be used for free entrance or exit on garage door or gate. Other accessories included on this page are used for door safety edges to avoid garage door damage to people of vehicles. These  are commonly used as a reliable safety device on heavily used garage doors in a commercial environment.