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How do I install an automated wood gate that will not sag? I am installing a double swing automatic gate and need to build a 16' total opening (8' double swing leafs) gate. I want to build a wood gate to match my exisiting fence. I read that the metal frame or aluminum frame is necessary to do this to prevent sagging and add to its durability. Can I purchase the double swing gate kit (DAG-60, i think) for this application or is there a better suggestion? I am trying to keep my costs as low as possible. Additional Info: When closed, the gate will be 5" off the ground to allow for clearance of the slope I have in my driveway. I do not believe I can effectively attach a wheel to the frames. I want the frame to securely lock when it is closed (the auto gate operator has an attachement lock which can be applie to gate)--or if you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Wood Gates.

Thank you for your interest in our wood gate kits and automation equipment. As you noted, we highly recommend steel or aluminum frames for all automated and larger wood gates. The adjustable gate kits may be used for larger wood gates and automated gates, however we strongly recommend adding a brace or swapping the truss cable included in the kit with a different one. These kits are an excellent product at an excellent price. The only short coming to them is the truss cable and turnbuckle. I personally dislike the turnbuckle, however for only a few dollars one can replace it with one of higher quality. We suggest adding a brace for two reasons. One, automated gates must withstand higher stress than most manually opened gates. Two, although not imperative it is preferred to mount the gate operator centered on the vertical portion of the gate; the gate kit does not include a mid rail. You may use steel or wood as a mid rail with bolt-on construction. If attaching the operator to wood gate or a wood post, be sure to do so with through-bolt construction, not lag screws. Also use larger metal washers to help prevent the bolts from 'pulling' through the wood. If a gate is built properly, no matter what size, there is no need for a wheel. This is a common misunderstanding for both do-it-yourselfers and contractors. We do sell swing gate wheels for both tubular gates and wood gates, however they are primarily used to repair older gates and are much less expensive than a new gate. You may add a wheel to the adjustable gate kits mentioned above, however it is unnecessary. If you are automating the gate, do not use a wheel on the leading edge of the gate. This will increase stress/ friction on the operator and gate and cause them both to wear out prematurely.

Updated 06/02/06