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Do you sell openers for automating a gate?

Applicable Products:
Automated Gates.

Yes we do. We carry openers made by two different manufacturers. GTO is a manufacturer that makes gate operators for both swing and slide gates. The GTO operators are 12 volt  DC gate openers and are easy to install for the beginner with no electrical experience. We also sell Linear/OSCO operators that are 115 - 230  AC gate openers. They are used for high-end residential and commercial applications. They are also available for swing or slide gates. Gate operators come in several styles for different applications (width, weight, etc.) See our Gate Operator page to guide you through the process of choosing an operator or just call our 800 number for recommendations. We also sell the safety devices necessary to assure a fail-proof system that will open/close your gate safely. Check out these links for more information on available electronics for both our operators.
http://www.hooverfence.com/catalog/entry_systems/lvaccess.htm .
http://www.hooverfence.com/catalog/entry_systems/index.htm .

Updated 06/02/06