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Hoover Fence Company,

       I have been in the market for a cantilever gate for a couple of years. I have had several companies that seemed interested in installing a gate for me, but NONE has followed through, and the prices I had seemed very high. I was looking online and found the Hoover Fence website, and liked what I saw. When I realized they were in Ohio, I did not even call them for knowing how shipping charges would be. I finally could not resist and called. I talked to Joe, who was very helpful, and informative. When he gave me the quote, I was very surprised, and then asked about a second gate. I actually got 2 gates, one 15’ automated kit, and one 18’ manual for less than anyone would consider installing one gate for me. Hoover’s instructions were very clear, and accurate. I have them both installed, and love the ease of working them. I highly recommend anyone interested in a gate, or gate accessories to call Joe at HooverFence.com!

Below is the automated gate. It has an exit wand to open due to arriving vehicle, a keypad, photoeyes to protect from closing on object, solar power, and of course transmitters. Under it is the manual 18" gate.


Bob M. -  Moriarty, NM

Automated 15' Cantilever Gate

Manual 18' Cantilever Gate