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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much does it cost to have a vinyl coated chain link stretched on the gate?

A:  We do not charge anymore if you'd like a gate stretched with vinyl coated chain link; simply specify color when ordering.  The framework will remain galvanized.  Cantilever gate rollers 'sandwich' the gate frame, any painted framework would be scratched off on the top and bottom horizontal pieces.  We do not weld cantilever frames vinyl coated or powder coated.

Q:  Is there a leading edge rolling wheel on the latch side of the gate?

A:  No, a leading edge roller is not necessary.

Q:  What is the maximum width of a cantilever gate?

A:  The maximum width on a cantilever is a 32' opening size.   They can be doubled to make a 64' opening with two gates.

Q:  Do I need an operator on this gate or how difficult is it to open manually?

A:  You do not need an operator.  Larger gates, say 20' opening gates, are naturally heavier and more difficult to open than smaller gates.

Q:  Can these gates be used with vinyl or wood fence?

A:  Yes, however the top and bottom rails of the gate can not be obstructed.  The galvanized tubular top and bottom rail would be exposed so it is a matter of if how it would look.  There isn't much point in painting these rails as it would rub off because of the rollers.  The prices would not change even though we would not ship the gate with chain link.  To attach wood to a cantilever gate, you may mount wooden 2 x 4s to the gate verticals and mount your pickets to the 2 x 4.  This not only makes it easier to mount the pickets since you can now do so with regular nail, but it will also offset the fence and not obstruct the cantilever rollers.  The frame could be hidden completely behind the wood or vinyl fence.

Q:  Can barbwire be added to these gates?

A:  Yes, we would weld on special barbarms to the gate in such a way to not obstruct the rollers.  Add $4.25 per foot of the opening size for a price for this.  There is no barbwire on the counterbalance as it will slide behind the fence line.  We also carry bolt-on barbarms that can easily be added to any existing cantilever gates.  These are "L" shaped to prevent obstructing the rollers.

Q:  How are these gates shipped?

A:  All cantilever gates ship common carrier.  In some cases we ship the gate in two pieces usually to be bolted together with plates; occasionally it is best to weld and grind the seams of the two pieces.   Read our shipping policy here:  http://www.hooverfence.com/docs/shipping.htm