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How To Install Manual
Chain Link Cantilever Gate
By Chad Hoover, CFP

[ 1 ] Overview [ 2 ] Plan [ 3 ] Layout [ 4 ] Set Posts [ 5 ] Install Fittings [ 6 ] Hang Gate [ 7 ] Install Latch [ 8 ] Install Operator


Begin with laying out cantilever rollers near the gate posts - Hoover Fence Co.
DAC-5800 Cantilever Roller


Install cantilever rollers to gate posts using provided U-Bolts - Hoover Fence Co.
DAC-5975-B Bottom Cover


Top view of cantilever slide gate roller installed with safety roller cover in place - Hoover Fence Co.
Top View - Roller w/ Cover


Step 4:  Install Cantilever Rollers & Covers

After the concrete has hardened, you may install the two bottom cantilever rollers to the two roller posts, one per post, using provided U-bolts. Install the roller on the highest grade first if terrain is uneven. Care should be taken that cantilever rollers are not installed too low where snow, ice, and freezing ground could impede performance. A straight uniform length of tubing, or pipe may be used to level the second roller to the first by placing it across the top of the rollers. Firmly tighten all nuts on cantilever roller U-Bolts.

Cantilever gate rollers are available in steel and nylon. Steel or nylon roller covers are highly recommended to help protect pinch points.

Steel Cantilever Roller - Hoover Fence Co.Steel cantilever rollers are available with a grease fitting. Available sizes include 3", 4", and 6-5/8". Steel or nylon covers are available.

Steel Cantilever Roller Covers - Hoover Fence Co.  

Steel Cantilever Roller Covers - Hoover Fence Co.
Stealth Nylon Cantilever Slide Gate Roller - Hoover Fence Co.Nylon rollers have sealed bearings which do not require maintenance. Nylon rollers are available for square and round stock in many different sizes. Steel or nylon covers are available.

 Stealth Universal Cantilever Slide Gate Roller Cover - Hoover Fence Co.

Stealth Protective Cantilever Slide Gate Roller Covers - Hoover Fence Co.

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Install first cantilever gate roller on high grade first; level second roller to first with a piece of tubing or pipe - Hoover Fence Co.
Install cantilever roller on highest grade first.


Install second bottom slide gate roller level with first. - Hoover Fence Co.
Install second bottom slide gate roller level with first.

Tighten bottom cantilever slide gate rollers securely. - Hoover Fence Co.
Tighten bottom gate rollers securely.