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  4' High x 10' Wide
  4' High x 12' Wide
  4' High x 15' Wide
  5' High x 10' Wide
  5' High x 12' Wide
  5' High x 15' Wide

  6' High x 15' Wide
  6' High x 20' Wide
  6' High x 25' Wide

Steel Slide Gates

  use for sizes not listed


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Aluminum Gate Kits
Internal Slide Gate Tracks
Ornamental Aluminum- New!
Top, Bottom, and V-Track

Typical installed cantilever gate showing gate counterbalance, location of gate posts, gate rollers, and operator.  Gate is shown without fascia.


Cantilever Gates and Gate Kits
  • Perfect for Residential and Commercial Applications 
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Framework - 10 Yr. Warranty
  • Easily Accepts an Operator Without Any Modifications
  • Sliding Gates Save Space!
  • Buy the Kit and Save!
  • Customer Testimonial

Shown here is the GTO PRO SL1000 slide gate operator automating a typical chain link style cantilever gate.  The GTO PRO SL1000 gate operator is perfect for residential and light commercial use.


Reflective Adhesive Tape
Great add-on for your cantilever gate. Shines brightly in headlights, highly visible in daylight. Avoid costly collisions.