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Installation Tips

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( choosing a gate size )

General Gate Information:

Choosing the Size of Gate for Your Fence Project:

In general, gate widths should be kept to a minimum.   Regardless of if you are shopping for a gate for a small backyard fence or a commercial facility, choose a gate size based on its use.  For residential use, you will need to consider and possibly check the measurements on the following:

To sum, gates are the only part of the fence which move.   They are also the only part of the fence which tends to get abused. Years of experience have taught us that the smaller the gate - the better. Smaller gates will last longer, be less finicky years later, and cheaper to replace should they ever fail or get damaged.  As far as expense is concerned, in many case it makes very little difference.  For example, if you need 10' of fence with a man gate, you can order 7' of fence with a 3' gate or 6' of fence and a 4' gate - the net result is you need to cover 10'; you can install less gate and more fence or vice versus.  Aluminum and vinyl fence sections are sold in sections, 6', 7-1/2', and 8' wide depending on style.   Plan locations and widths of gates to eliminate waste and cutting sections down to size.