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Door King Model 1878-010 Low Voltage Surge Suppressor Manual

Product Overview

The Model 1878 may be used to protect electronic equipment powered by 6-24 Volts AC or DC. Protection is across the power lines and from each line to ground. The clamping voltage is approximately 50 volts.

Caution: Do not connect to power lines over 24 VAC (Maximum Current 10 amps.)


General Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed for properly installing the Model 1878 Surge Suppressor to a telephone line:

1. Using a water protected enclosure, mount the Surge Suppressor as close as possible to the equipment it will be protecting.
2. Wire the input and output connections to the marked terminals.
3. Connect the GND terminal to a ground rod driven eight (8) feet into the soil. Use at least 12 AWG wire for the ground wire.

Wiring Diagram

1878image.jpg (24767 bytes)