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GTO PRO3000XLS does not include the following. You will need low voltage wire and a battery, but not everything on this list.

1. Low voltage wire (RB509/RB509R) to run from the transformer that plugs into an outlet within 1000' to the control box. We sell that also. Buy it by the foot or 1000' roll.

2. Push-to-open adapters (R4388) or applications where the gate needs to swing away from the operator mount side.

3. The gate and posts.

4. A rail or piece of angle iron may be required that allows the arm to attach near the center of the height of the gate. If you have a rail or surface there that will allow a small bracket to attach to it, you are in good shape.

This is not intended to be a complete list of everything you might need, but we made an honest attempt to inform you of things we know for sure. It is also helpful to read our FAQ page for more information. Print it out for future reference.

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