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The PRO3000, PRO4000, PRO1000 and PRO2000 swing gate operator arms secure with a clevis pin at each end of the operator arm; one on the gate, the other on the post. Anyone can remove those pins and walk off with the operator arm. To avoid such a nasty loss, purchase one lock for each operator arm. That way they can not steal the arm and yet you can pull the other clevis pin and get the gate open in case of failure of the operator. Tip: Lock the post side in case they steal the whole gate. The RB975 master pin lock may also be used with the SL1000B and SL2000B slide gate operators. This would fit above in the bracket that attaches the chain to the gate to lock the chain on. The 'quick release' would no longer be 'quick release'. The master pin locks would lock the chain on so that anyone without a key could not get in. Typically two per operator would be needed.


RB975 - Master Pin Lock for GTO/Pro 1000 and SL1000B/SL2000B
$ each
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fm320.jpg (47030 bytes)FM320 - Master Pin Lock for GTO/Pro 2000
$ each
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