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AC Gate Operators
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install 115 or 230 volt electric to the gate operator?

Yes. The AC operators are powered by 115VAC. The GP-SW050 comes with Inherent UPS Battery Back-up Systems that will power the operator in the event of a power outage.

Is everything I need included with the GP-SW050?

Mostly, but not everything. You will need to purchase a transmitter and receiver also. These operators will work with any of the GTO narrow band transmitters. The recommended receiver is the GTO RB-709U. You will also need two batteries if you want to utilize the back-up system. Batteries can be purchased at your local lawn and tractor center. The required battery should be 12 VDC, U1, 230 Amp minimum, lead acid battery. This is a common lawn and tractor battery. If installing a double operator system, you will need to purchase some wire to connect the two operators together. The recommended wire is Belden wire, 22AWG, type 8761, 9461, 9451, 1266A or equivalent. 1-pair shielded with drain wire. This wire is available at your local electrical supply store.

Is it realistic for the average homeowner or business owner to install the unit(s)?

No. An electrician should be hired to do the electrical work. Working with AC current can be dangerous for someone who is not a licensed electrician. Play it safe and have an electrician run your power line and hook up the power to your system.

How long does it take to install an operator?

Once the power is installed and the concrete pad is completed, a single gate operator can be installed in one day by a person with average skills. Accessories, some required and some optional, will add to your installation time. The time for installing accessories depends on the type you are using with your system.

What are the recommended maximum gate sizes and weights for the AC gate operators?

The GP-SW100 swing gate operator is capable of operating a gate up to 20' wide and 1200 lbs. These figures are for single gates, double the gate size for dual operator systems.

My gate is difficult to open and close. Will the operator help?

No. The operators will only work on a level gate that swings or slides freely. The operator will not work or will fail prematurely on poorly constructed gates. Gates with supporting ground wheels will not work with operators, except the V-groove type of sliding gates.

What kind of power is supplied on the control board for accessories?

The AC operators have "add-on-ready" control boards. They provide 24 volt DC power. They are clearly marked to show where each accessory should be wired. All of the accessories available from GTO will work with these units.

What kind of wire is needed for the accessories?

The wire is a low voltage wire. It is used for all accessories, electric locks, exit wand, etc. It is a 16 gauge, 2-lead, stranded, direct burial low voltage wire. It can be purchased from us in cut sizes or by a discounted price per 1000' roll.

How far away can the hard-wired accessories be installed?

All accessories can not use more than 1000' of low voltage wire to each one.

How does the basic system work as far as opening and closing?

The gates can be opened with a transmitter, keypad, or any other entry device. They can also be activated by an exit wand or loop detector. The gate operators are equipped with an automatic timer close feature, with an adjustable delay.The gate closes automatically. The timer can be turned off so the gate requires a transmitter to close the gate.

Can I use more than one transmitter on one gate?

Yes. You can purchase as many extras as you need. One for each car and maybe one for the house, if it is close enough to the gate to work.

What is the range of the transmitters?

About 100', if unobstructed. We have seen distances of up to 300'. Mount the antenna as high as possible on non-metallic posts.

What if the meter reader or delivery person needs to use the gate?

For people who need access, other than regulars, an optional keypad is available that requires a code be typed into the numbered keypad (F310). You can change the code whenever you like and provide that code to authorized users.

What safety features would prevent someone from getting caught in the gate?

The gate is equipped with an obstruction sensitive control that is adjustable so even the slightest obstacle pressure will stop the gate. A warning sign is also included to warn pedestrians that the gate is automatic electric powered. Photo beams and safety edges are required with slide gates to assure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Photo beams should be used with swing gate operators to provide safety in the "trap" zones.

Can I install the low voltage wire in conduit?

Yes, but it is not necessary.

Can I install the wires connecting a double gate operator system in conduit?

Yes, the most common use of conduit is under the driveway from the master operator to the slave operator on double swing gates.

If I order an operator and can't make it work, can I return it?

Yes. Call us on our toll free number and we can walk you through a successful installation. If not, you can return the operator for a full refund before the expiration of 30 days from ordering. All of the parts must be in original new condition in the original boxes and return shipping must be paid by you. Returns must be approved in advance. After receiving the operators and accessories back and inspection of their condition, we will gladly refund your money (not including shipping charges from you to us).

How long will the batteries in the control box last?

Battery life is dependent on many conditions. Three to five years is the expected life span of the batteries.

What normal maintenance is required?

Besides making sure the gate is in good repair and swings or slides easily, minor programming adjustments may be necessary from time to time. The operator is programmable for opening and closing distances. If the gate should not close or open completely, the controls may need reset. This is a simple process that is performed at the control box with directions in your owner's manual. Always grease hinges or rollers as required to assure easy movement of the gate. Most operators fail because the gates or gate posts have failed.

How often should the brushes be inspected/replaced on the operator motor?

Never! These AC operators have a brushless motor that will outlast any brush type motor.

How long does it take the gate to open?

The weight of the gate and width will influence opening times. The GP-SW050 operator takes about 15 seconds to open to 90 degrees.

Can the swing gate operator push to open?

No. The GP-SW050 operator is designed to pull the gate open. The operator arm is installed on the inside of the gate and pulls inward. If you need to have the operator installed on the inside of the gate to swing the gates out or away from the operator arm, that is a 'push to open' application. In that case, you may be able to use one of our DC operators. With optional brackets, the DC powered swing gate operators can be installed for push to open applications.

How many different codes can be used with a keypad?

The F310 can contain up to 25 different Pin's (Personal Identification Numbers) and is face programmable.

I have checked everything on my transmitter and it appears to be faulty.

Make sure the dip switches match on the receiver and transmitter. Check the owner's manual for how to change frequency settings. If the frequency is set properly and the battery is good, make sure you are using the transmitter properly. Some people hold the button down too long or push it too many times in succession. This will send mixed signals to the receiver. Push firmly once and let go immediately.

Is there a difference between a master a slave gate operator?

No, the operators and control boards are the same. With a dual gate system, certain control board settings and connections are required on the master unit only and some are required on both the master and slave units. The manual clearly shows how to set up a dual gate system.

Can I adjust a double swing gate system to have one half of a double swing gate to open only 75-80 degrees while the other half opens a full 90 degrees?

The GTO operators and most operators all have limit switches, adjustment knobs or memory capabilities that allow one to set the gate to open to different degrees. 75-80 degrees as you wish should not be a problem. This must be done when there is an obstacle blocking the full 90 degree opening.

What is the manufacturer's warranty on the AC operators?

GTO warrants it's AC operators differently from their DC operators. These operators are made for continuous duty residential and commercial applications. The warranty is as follows: Residential Installation - 5 years for mechanical parts; 3 years for electronics, Commercial Installation - 3 years for mechanical  parts; 2 years for electronics.