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Installing the New GTO UL compliant control board into old control box.

Kit includes: 5 standoffs, battery cables, and on/off switch wire harness, included with replacement board.

1. Disconnect any wires (battery, power cable wiring harness plug, receiver, etc.) from old control board, then remove control board from control box.

2. Remove the old (longer) standoffs and install four of the new (shorter) standoffs as shown in Illustration A.

The fifth standoff goes in the middle hole at the bottom of the new control board. It will just rest against the control box for added support when the control board is installed. See Illustration B for hole location.

3. Cut off the control board support to 1/2" or less as shown in Illustration A.

4. Now install the new control board on the new shorter standoffs. Make sure they snap into place.

5. Cut the wires on the power cable harness at the control board plug. Strip approximately 3/16" of insulation from each wire and twist exposed wire tightly.

Insert the stripped power cable wires into the appropriate terminals on the OPERATOR terminal block. The green wire should be inserted into the GRN terminal, the blue wire into the BLU, the orange wire into the ORG, black wire into BLK, and the red wire into the RED terminal as shown in Illustration B.

Tighten the set screws against the end of the wires.

6. Reconnect all other wiring to the new control board.

NOTE: Be sure battery is placed in the control box with the terminals to the right. Connect the BLACK wire to the negative ( - ) BATT terminal on the control board and to the negative ( - ) post on the battery; and the RED wire to the positive ( + ) BATT terminal on the control board and to the positive ( + ) post on the battery. The ON/OFF switch wires must plug into the new control board using crimp on connectors. See Illustration B.

GTO Operator Control Board Replacement - Illustration A

GTO Operator Control Board Replacement - Illustration B