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GTO R4211 Replacement Control Board
(Replacement Control Board for SW2000XL/2500/3000XL/4000XL/MM500)

New in November 2007, the R4211 replaces the discontinued PRO3040PCB control board. It has many upgrades included below.

R4211 Control BoardNew Features:

Software: The new GTO patent pending position tracking software automatically keeps the right distance between master and slave sides in dual installations. This shortens gate cycle time by replacing the normal time delays with position measurement instead. Dragging gates, heavy winds, or long cables will not affect proper gate sequencing. Dual gate installations are detected automatically so no single/dual option needs to be set.

Super Smooth Soft-Start: New software and circuits give the smoothest soft-start and soft-stop in the industry. As with our previous generation controller, the soft-start is position based not time based as in some competitors so operation is consistent even with varying battery voltage.

Lower standby current drain: Half the standby current provides 3 to 5 more cycles per day in solar powered applications. In low cycle installations you will see better performance during extended cloudy weather.

Easier limit setting: Now you have independent set limit buttons for the master and slave side on dual installations. Combined with automatic dual sensing, this makes setup a snap.

More intuitive adjustments: A potentiometer for auto close time provides easier adjustment and a direct view of the setting compared to the older dip-switches that required referring to the instructions to set the auto close time and other options.

Easier power options: Low voltage AC and solar panels connect to the same terminals. No polarity issues and no wiring errors.

Improved reverse battery tolerance: The GEN3 circuits tolerate reverse battery accidents much better. There is a very low probability of board damage due to a reversed battery.

New Charger Design: The new battery charger design is easy on your batteries while still giving optimum performance. There are no more limits on how much solar wattage can be used.

Built-In Lock Control: The on board lock relay directly powers the GTO gate lock when used. In addition the lock is activated near the closed position for more reliable locking as misalignment develops with aging gates.

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