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    GTO/PRO Gate Operators  Mighty Mule Gate Operators

Transmitters manufactured by GTO exclusively for GTO/PRO and Mighty Mule gate operators. Operates at 318MHz. Add a new remote or replace an old one. Simply set the dip switches inside the unit to match your other transmitters and receiver. Batteries included. Choose from one, two, and three button remotes. Technical Bulletin concerning transmitter/receiver compatibility.  Click on image for prices and ordering

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GTO Garage Door Receiver
garage door receiver

Would you like to carry just one transmitter for both your GTO gate operator and garage door? Here's the solution. Add this receiver to your current garage door opener. Get a two or three button transmitter and program one button for the gate and one for the garage. Easy as that! (2-channel receiver can operate two garage door openers)
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