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Silver Anniversary Medium Duty Gate Operator


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Silver-MD-Single Gate Operator

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Low Voltage Swing Gate Operator designed specifically for rural farm and ranch style applications. The Silver-MD-Single is for single swing gates up to 16' long and 550 lbs. (see cycle chart for more information). The Silver Anniversary Series Operators are available exclusively for Professional GTO/Mighty Mule Distributors/Dealers. The operator includes extra items you would normally have to pay additional charges for. GTO offers these operators as an alternative to their top-of-the-line GTO/PRO Operators for budget-minded consumers that want value at a discounted price.

  • Includes two batteries, two transmitters, and pin lock to prevent theft
  • 12 volt system, no electrician needed for installation
  • Gate will work during electrical power outage
  • Quick and easy installation, with user friendly instructions
  • Solar Panel Charger available for remote locations
  • Will operate a gate up to 8' long and weighing up to 550 lbs., or 16' long and weighing up to 150 lbs. (see cycle chart link below for recommended gate lengths and weights)
  • Can operate 175 or more gate cycles per day using transformer charger, depending on gate size and weight (see cycle chart link below)
  • Control board built into the operator housing (replaceable).
  • Receiver unit with antenna and 10' cable can be placed in best location for reception of signal
  • Can be operated by remote transmitter, digital keypad, push button or combination
  • Full systems capable "add on ready" heavy-duty control board includes adjustable obstruction sensing, gate sequencing and auto close settings (0-120 seconds).
  • Full access ready package includes two batteries, two entry transmitters, radio receiver, AC transformer, a pin lock to prevent theft, battery box, and all necessary mounting hardware for a standard installation.
  • Can operate as 'push to open' or 'pull to open' (specify when ordering - extra hardware required for push to open)
  • UL rated for Class I, II, III. System certified to be in compliance with UL 325, 5th edition.
  • 12 month limited warranty applies to replacing parts from GTO, Inc.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee from Hoover Fence

Technical Specifications:

  • Low friction screw drive (linear actuator) rated for -5 F (-28 C) to +160F (+71C)
  • Powered by reliable 12 volt DC motor with integral case hardened steel gear reducer. Motor speed reduced to 260 rpm. Generates 520 inch lb. of torque at 12V.
  • Maximum opening arc of 110.
  • Approximate opening time (90) is 18 seconds, depending on weight of gate.
  • The Silver-MD-Single system is powered by two 12 volt batteries (included). A weatherproof battery box is supplied to house the batteries.
  • Battery charge maintained by a 120VAC, 18VAC output transformer (rectified to 14.5VDC (40VA) through the control board or by optional GTO solar panels (the panel should generate minimum of 5W at 300mA). A diode on the control board prevents battery discharge.
    IMPORTANT: Never use both transformer and solar panel - this will damage the battery and control board.
  • One (1) blade-style control board fuse is rated for 15A.
    NOTE: The transformer should not be directly connected to any battery. Do not replace fuses with higher ampere rated fuses; doing so will void your warranty and may damage your control board.
  • GTO microprocessor-based control board is set for single leaf, pull-to-open gate installations. DIP switches can be adjusted to accommodate an optional kit for push-to-open gates (FM148).
  • Control board has temperature compensated circuits.
  • A circuit on the control board regulates charging. "Sleep draw is 25mA; "active draw" is 2 to 5A.
  • Auto-memorization of digital transmitter code.
  • GTO remote-mounted RF receiver tuned at 318 MHz.
  • Opener length with push-pull tube fully retracted is 37-1/4", mounting point to mounting point.
  • Adjustable auto-close timer (OFF to 120 seconds), and obstruction sensitivity.
  • Power terminal block accommodates a transformer or solar panels
  • DIP switches simplify setup of gate opener.
  • Accessory terminal block fully compatible with all Mighty Mule access controls.
  • Control board allows connection of safety edge sensors and photoelectric sensors.
  • Audio entrapment alarm sounds if unit encounters an obstruction twice while opening or closing.
  • Battery Heater recommended for zones where temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods of time to prevent cold weather discharge.
  • Operator arm
  • AC transformer
  • Control board (enclosed in weatherproof operator housing)
  • Receiver with 10 ft. cable
  • (2) Entry transmitters
  • (2) Batteries
  • Battery Box
  • 10' Battery wire harness
  • Pin lock to secure operator
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation/safety manual
  • Installation video
  • Caution signs.
  • Warning Beeper
  • Adjustable obstacle-reversing safety feature


Silver-MD-Single Gate Operator

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Mighty Mule Silver-MD-Single Operator
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