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RB-419 and RB-502 Transformers Used with Pre-UL PRO2000 Gate Operators

It is important to note that there has been problems using the above transformers on Pre-UL PRO2000 operators (operators purchased before March 2000). You must pay particular attention to the number of cycles that will be required for your operator. If the transformer is for an operator that cycles less than 15 times per day, you must use the RB-502 transformer. If the transformer is for an operator that cycles more than 14 times a day, you should use the RB-419 transformer. Use of the RB-419 transformer on low cycle installations will ruin the battery, blow the transformer and possibly the board. To determine which operator you have, please refer to "Background Information" provided on our replacement transformer page. If you still have questions concerning these transformers, feel free to contact our experts at hooverfence.com for assistance.