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I have a problem! My dog keeps jumping my fence at the joining corners. It's a 6 foot fence and I was wondering if you had a solution. I don't think it's right to tie my dog up. I want to modify my fence in a way that it will look nice , yet be affective.

Reply From "Ask The Fencer":
I agree, it would be cruel to tie any dog up with a chain.

You could secure a piece of chain link fabric, cut into a triangular shape and place it near the top, so the dog would be hindered from climbing over. Some dogs can climb by using both sides of the fence. Any small obstruction would stop their progress.

On a wood fence, you could build a flower pot holder or something decorative in the corner in such a way that it extends into the enclosed area.

If you are familiar with some of the funnel shaped guards placed around bird feeder poles to keep squirrels from climbing the post, the principle would be the same.

The Fencer

The "Corner Climber Solution"