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I have moved into a place with a very large yard and it is already surrounded by a good chain link fence. Unfortunately, the fence is only 4 feet high, and my dog can easily spring over it. I need to have a higher fence, probably at least 6 feet high, but I don't want to replace the existing fence. Do you have some kind of fence extensions that would increase the height of the existing fence, or is this not possible? The extensions do not need to be as strong as the original fence (the dog is not climbing the fence, he just sails over it).
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Here is one way among many (we also carry Chain Link Post Extensions)

1. Remove the chain link fabric. If you have 1 5/8" O.D. line posts, use sleeves added on top of the posts as connectors. Cut a piece of 1 5/8" O.D. matching piece and slide it into the top. The length of that piece should be 1' long to add a foot and 2' to add two feet to the height.

The end, corner and gate posts are a little trickier because there are no sleeves to fit that size. You must find a piece of pipe that will fit fairly snug on the interior of the post. Cut it about 2' long and use it as an inside sleeve. Cut the 1-2' extension to match the O.D. of the posts to extend and slide the extension over the sleeve. You can attach the extension in advance to the sleeve by drilling a hole and using a screw to secure the extension to the sleeve. We weld them on. The sleeve needs to extend into each side a minimum of 12".

You could use the above extension method on all posts. Next reinstall the top rail. Now replace the 4' high chain link with 5' or 6' high, depending on what you chose.

Although there are other ways to accomplish the same thing, including sliding larger diameter posts over the old ones the full height of the fence, this way is commonly used.

We have 1 5/8" sleeves and we can make the extensions for you. They can be shipped UPS, if you let us know the height you have and what you need. You must also measure the outside and inside diameters of all posts by removing the caps and measuring on the ends.

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