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A Guest at Hooverfence.com suggests a method for pulling posts

In your FAQs I noticed someone wanted to remove fence posts from the ground.  I have used the following method with great results: Purchase an automobile bumper jack from a Auto junk yard, wrap a chain around the post and put a link of the chain  on the tip of the jack that would fit in the hole in the bumper.  Place a board on the ground to keep the jack from slipping into the ground as you jack.  The post will slip right out of the ground. If your post is in concrete , I have used a heavy duty farm "bumper jack" to pull the post and concrete out of the ground.  I used this type jack to completely remove and rebuild my fence when I lived in Texas....borrowed the farm jack from my neighbor who ran a small herd of cattle.

George Constande
Salisbury, NC 28147