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Ideal Shield Index
Ideal Shield Index

Bumper Post Sleeves

  • Post Sleeves made to slide
    over existing posts. Never
    paint your posts again.
    Available in a variety of
    sizes and colors.

Bumper Post Kits

  • Kits include Steel Bumper
    Posts and Post Sleeves.
    Posts available for bolt-in
    or core-in applications.
    Choice of several sizes
    and colors.

Reflective Tape

  • Optional self-installed
    highly visible reflective
    adhesive tape

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Ideal Shield Ideal Shield® Protective Guard Systems

Ideal Shield® Protective Guard Systems eliminate the need for costly scraping and painting of guard posts. Polyethylene thermoplastic sleeves protect the posts and requires very little maintenance. Invest in Ideal Shield Systems today for that brand new look for years to come!
Bumper Post Sleeves:
Bumper Post Sleeves are made to slip over existing posts. No need to ever paint rusting, chipping, peeling posts again! Sleeves are easily installed and will last for years. Withstands extreme weather conditions and comes with ultraviolet and anti-static additives. Won't rip or tear like cheaper brands, measures a full 1/4" thick. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit most bumper posts. Sleeves can be cut to size for a perfect fit. Prices/Ordering

Ideal Shield bumper post sleeves simply slide over existing posts for easy installation.
Quick, Easy, and Permanent Installation!

Bumper Post Kits:
Bumper Post Kits consist of schedule 40 pipe with or without a base plate welded on the bottom for easy installation. The posts with base plates are referred to as "bolt-in" kits. The posts without a base plate, for in-ground installation, is referred to as "core-in" kits. When ordering a core-in kit, the post length will be 12" oversized to allow in-ground installation while still maintaining the above ground measurement ordered. Kits include a post and a sleeve. Bolt-in kits come with pre-drilled base plate ready to accept anchor bolts (not included). Core-in kits require drilling an oversized hole into ground to accept concrete to install the post. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Prices/Ordering
Bumper post kits available in bolt-in or core-in styles.