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LiftMaster LA412DC Solar Single Swing Gate Operator Kit - Click to enlarge!
  LiftMaster LA412DC Solar Powered
  Residential 12V DC Swing Gate Operator

LiftMaster LA412DC Solar Double Swing Gate Operator Kit - Click to enlarge!

The LA412DC is a solar powered residential swing gate operator with Industry-leading power management technology – it delivers power when needed most for opening the gate and minimizes power consumption at all other times for best solar performance. Its DC motor provides soft start/soft stop operation, which promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. The LA412DC is capable of operating gates up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 850 pounds per gate leaf.

An on-board Security+ 2.0 radio receiver is included with the LA400DC, accepts up to 50 remotes or you can monitor and control your gate from anywhere with the MyQ® Technology using your cell phone (see manual). Exclusive from Chamberlain®, this provides a single remote control solution for gates and additional access points. Two 12V batteries and a 12V 10 watt solar panel included as standard.

The LA412PKGU Swing Gate Kit now includes the LMRRU Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye, to meet the UL325 Standard.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Main Power (Motor) - 12VDC continuous-duty motor
  • Main Power Supply - Solar powered system accepts up to 30W 12V solar panel
  • System Operating Voltage - 12VDC battery run / solar charge
  • Accessory Power - 24VDC, 500mA output, switched and unswitched power
  • Surge - Industrial strength suppression on high and low voltage inputs
  • Maximum Gate Weight/Length - 850 lbs. / 10 ft.
      750 lbs. / 12 ft.
      650 lbs. / 14 ft.
      550 lbs. / 16 ft.
  • 90 Degree Travel Time* - <23 seconds
  • Maximum Daily Cycle Rate* - 50 cycles / day
  • Maximum Duty Cycle - 4 min. on
  • Operating Temperature - -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C )
  • Expansion Board - Optional
  • Inherent Entrapment Protection (Type A) - Dual - RPM and Current Sense
  • External Entrapment Protection (Type B1 and/or Type B2 - 3 inputs per board - any combination of up to 3 photoelectric sensors and up to 2 edge sensors
    * Travel time and range are affected by A and B mounting dimensions


  • On-board radio receiver - Compatible with all LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 315 and 390 MHz Transmitters. (up to 50 remote controls)
  • DC motor - slow start/stop operation - 12VDC powered motor with soft start/stop reduces stress and shock to the gate system by slowing down gate speed on initial open/close, promotes longer gate and operator life.
  • Inherent obstruction sensing - If gate strikes obstruction, closing gate will reverse to open and an opening gate will stop
  • External obstruction sensing - Connections provided for external contact and non-contact safety devices
  • Control inputs - Inputs allow connection of external devices such as photo eyes, free exit probe, and wireless access equipment
  • Bi-part relay - Synchronized close feature.
  • Timer-to-close - Adjustable between 0 and 180 seconds.
  • LED indicators - Operator input, status and diagnostic LED's simplify setup and troubleshooting.
  • Electronic limit system - Simple-to-set electronic limit system with push of a button.
  • Keyed manual disconnect - External disconnect allow user to manually operate the gate.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer's 2 year warranty


  • Operator arm (two arms included for double gate kit)
  • Solar Panel 10 watt 12V
  • Two 7 AH 12 volt batteries
  • Control box/control board/surge protector board
  • Receiver Module 315 and 390 MHz
  • Mounting hardware
  • Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye
  • Installation/safety manual
  • Caution signs
  • Picture of included parts

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Prices and Ordering:
LA412PKGU LiftMaster LA412PKGU Solar Powered 12V DC Residential Swing Gate Operator Kit
Includes Operator Arm, Solar Panel, Photo Eye and Control Box
$ Add To Cart
LA412DCS LiftMaster LA412DCS Secondary Arm for Double Swing Gates
Includes Second Arm, 40' extension cable, and Junction Box
$ Add To Cart


50-19503 Push-to-open Bracket $ Add To Cart

Compatible Security+ 2.0 Transmitters

         LA412DC Single Swing Gate Setup - Click to enlarge!
Typical LA412DC Single Swing Gate Installation
(click to enlarge)

LA412DC Double Swing Gate Setup - Click to enlarge!
Typical LA412DC Double Swing Gate Installation
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