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LiftMaster Gate Access System Tax Credit

Three LiftMaster Solar Powered Residential Gate Operators qualify for a 30% tax credit

The US Federal Government is offering financial incentives to homeowners for the use of solar powered systems at their home. Homeowners are able to apply for a Federal Tax credit equal to 30% off the installed cost of their LiftMaster Solar Powered Gate Operator System.

What is Covered: This solar system Tax Credit applies to the total installed cost of the solar gate opener system. This includes the related solar panel, opener, access control device, remote controls, obstruction detection device(s), etc.

What is Not Covered: The cost of the gate itself, or work required to place the physical gate into proper working order (leveling the gate, replacing hinges, etc.)


  • The installation of a LA412DC Solar Gate System, and models RSW12VDC and RSL12VDC Gate Access Systems, can qualify for a 30% tax credit on the installed system cost
  • Effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2008
  • You will need to use The Federal Tax Credit Form 5695, Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit
  • You will need to provide a copy of the "Manufacturer's Certification for Credit"
  • The dwelling must be located in the United States and be used as a residence by the taxpayer
  • This offer is only available in the United States

Models LA412DC, RSW12VDC, and RSL12VDC feature our EverCharge® Power Management System, an innovative control circuit that delivers power when needed most for gate operation while minimizing power consumption at all other times for best solar performance. Each offers exceptional standby time too – the efficient 12VDC control circuit draws less than 8 mA when idle. This keeps the system powered for days or weeks during cloudy days or inclement weather depending on daily cycle rate.

LA412DC - Solar Powered Residential Swing Gate Operator
The LA412 features a DC motor that provides soft start/soft stop operation, which promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. It is capable of operating gates up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 850 pounds. An on-board Security+ 2.0 radio receiver is included with the LA412DC. Exclusive from Chamberlain®, this provides a single remote control solution for gates, garage doors, and additional access points.

Please note that additional solar panels may be required depending on single or dual gate application, geographical location, number of cycles per day, and accessories used (*solar-friendly accessories recommended).  Refer to the operator's solar cycle chart for more details.

RSW12VDC - Residential/Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator with Battery Backup
The RSW12VDC is our most advanced residential and light commercial pad mounted swing gate operator. It features a powerful DC motor with soft start/stop operation for quiet and reliable performance, and is rated for gates up to 600 pounds or 16 feet in length, and cycling up to 250 times per day. It also has a built-in battery backup system.

RSL12VDC - Residential/Light Commercial Slide Gate Operator with Battery Backup
The RSL12VDC is our most advanced residential and light commercial pad mounted slide gate operator. It features a powerful DC motor with soft start/stop operation for quiet and reliable performance, and is rated for gates up to 800 lbs. and 25 ft. in length and cycling up to 120 times per day.


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