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Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers
Frequently Asked Questions
General Operation of Earth Drills

Q. I’m only going to be drilling a few holes. Do I need to use the torque tube?
A. Whenever drilling vertical holes, the torque tube must always be attached. The torque tube transfers digging torque from the drill head to the engine carriage, making one-man drilling both safe and efficient.

Q. I’m not sure if there are underground wires or pipes at my digging or trenching site. What should I do?
A. Call your local “One-Call” center, utility office, or “Digger’s Hotline” at least 72 hours ahead so that they can mark the location of buried electrical lines or other utilities. If you fail to do so, you will subject yourself or others to the possibility of serious harm. You may also be breaking the law. Click the link for a list of One-Call numbers: http://www.call811.com/.

Q. What is the largest diameter auger I can use on my Little Beaver?
A. The answer to this question can vary greatly, depending upon your soil conditions:

For loam, sand, clay, or sandy/clay soils:
•  8 HP mechanical models – 12”

For rocky soils (not solid rock, but soil containing stones or rock)
• 8 HP mechanical models – 12”, Carbide blade recommended

Q. How deep can a Little Beaver dig?
A. Digging depth is dependent upon soil conditions and auger diameter. Here are some typical depths achievable in loam or sandy/clay soils. Depths deeper than 36" require optional extension. Optional tripod is also recommended.

Auger Size 6" 9" 12"
8HP Models 12´

Q. My auger is stuck in the ground. What do I do?
A. In many cases, you can use a pipe wrench on the top of the auger to turn it in a counter-clockwise direction. Disconnect the handle/gearbox first, and be careful not to damage the auger top. We also make a Tee Handle, Part # 9022-T, which can be used to turn the auger out. This situation can be prevented by holding back on the auger when digging in sandy or soft clay soils and allowing the auger to cut its way through.

Q. I’m trying to drill through hard clay and my Little Beaver earth auger just spins and doesn’t dig in. What’s wrong?
A. First, check for foreign matter around the point and remove this material as necessary. Then, check the condition of the point and blade. If they are dull, reverse them or replace them. If the auger still does not dig, replace the point and standard blade with a carbide blade. The carbide blade digs best in hard clay or asphalt. It can also be used in frozen ground.

Q. Do you have an auger that will drill through frozen ground?
A. Yes. The carbide blade, which can be used on the Little Beaver standard snap-on augers, will cut through frozen ground, asphalt, or hard clay soils.

Q. Most of my drilling is done in rocky soil. What type of auger would you recommend?
A. No auger will dig through solid rock. When encountering rocky soil, you may need to break up the rocks with a spud bar or remove the larger rocks by hand. It will have a longer service life when used properly.

Q. Are Little Beaver’s points and blades reversible?
A. Little Beaver bolt-on blades (6” and 10”) are reversible to increase their cutting life. 12" blades are not reversible. The points are not reversible for any size. Be sure to replace your points and blades regularly to ensure best digging performance.

Q. Can I replace the standard point with a carbide point?
A. Yes, if you have the Little Beaver standard snap-on auger. Carbide blades are available in sizes to match the diameter of your auger. When replacing a standard point with a carbide blade, be sure to fasten securely with the included grade 5 mounting bolts and locknuts. Use a framing square laid beside the auger and across the back of the carbide blade to ensure that it is mounted squarely. Also, be sure to remove the side blade, as the side blade is not required when using a carbide blade.

Q. Can I use other brands of augers with the Little Beaver?
A. Yes. Although you will achieve better performance in most soils with Little Beaver augers, Little Beaver does make adaptors allowing you to use General or Ground Hog brand augers with your Little Beaver earth drill. If you use the adapters, always be sure to use the included retaining pin. Using a bolt or other pin which protrudes from the auger may result in serious injury.

Q. Will the same augers fit on all Little Beaver models (mechanical, hydraulic and towable)?
A. Yes. Every Little Beaver earth drill model uses the same auger connection (1-1/4” square).

Q. How long is the warranty?
A. All models come with a 90 day limited warranty. Engines are warranted by the manufacturer of the engine for 1 or 2 year periods (refer to the engine warranty sheet for details).

Mechanical Earth Drill Service

Q. What types of daily maintenance do I need to perform on my Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill?
A. Both the engine oil and the gearbox oil should be checked daily. You should also visually inspect the Little Beaver to verify that no parts or fasteners are loose, damaged, or missing.

Q. What type of oil is used in the gearbox of my Mechanical Earth Drill?
A. For your oil-bath gearbox, we recommend 85W-140 gear oil. For the older grease lubricated gearbox, we recommend Exxon Unirex N2 grease.

Q. What type of oil should I use in the engine crankcase of my Mechanical Earth Drill?
A. In most cases, we recommend a 10W30 motor oil. Refer to your engine operator’s manual for more specific recommendations.

Q. Do I need to lubricate the flexible shaft on my Mechanical Earth Drill?
A. Yes. Every 50 hours, inspect the flexible shaft and grease as necessary. Follow the procedures outlined in your operator’s manual.

Q. I can’t start my Mechanical Earth Drill. I’ve checked the fuel and the spark plug and they’re both fine, but it still doesn’t start. What could be the problem?
A. Check that the “on/off” switch on both the engine and the handle are in the “on” position. Also be sure that the torque tube connected to the engine carriage is pushing in the engine safety kill switch. Check that the engine oil is at the proper level. Most engines are equipped with an oil alert or oil guard system to prevent the engine from running if the oil level is too low.

Q. My auger turns all the time. I tried to adjust the engine idle, but I can’t get it low enough. What should I do?
A. Replace the springs on your centrifugal clutch. When using the earth drill, be sure not to “bog down” the engine. Let it turn fast enough that the clutch doesn’t slip. Excessive slippage will cause overheating and loss of temper of the springs.

Q. My engine runs, but the auger doesn’t turn? What could cause this?
A. There is a problem with the drive train. The most likely source is the flexible shaft core. Inspect the core end fittings for cracks or breakage. Other possibilities are the gears or shaft keys within the gearbox, the adapter key on the gearbox output shaft, or the key on the clutch drum. Refer to a servicing dealer or your maintenance manual for further information.

Q. I just received a new flexible shaft and it doesn’t fit into my gearbox. What’s the problem?
A. You need to remove the coupling from the end of your old flexible shaft. Re-install it into the gearbox and tighten the set screw to lock it in place. Then your new flexible shaft will screw into the coupling.

Q. Do the Mechanical Earth Drills have a reverse?
A. No.

Q. To get more torque, I’d like to slow down the speed of my Mechanical Earth Drill. Is there any way to do this?
A. By replacing the gear set in your transmission, you can obtain lower cutting speeds (277 RPM, 13:1 ratio or 180 RPM, 20:1 ratio) that will generate greater torque and less vibration in rocky ground.

Q. I have an older Little Beaver mechanical model. Can I replace my old handle with a new handle?
A. Yes. The new ergonomically designed handle kit (part number HCO-M#) can replace an older handle on your oil bath gearbox. If your machine has a grease lubricated gearbox (built prior to June 1992), you will need to order the UK-30# Update Kit.

Q. I wish it were easier to lift the engine end of my Mechanical Earth Drill when loading it. Do you have pick up handles available?
A. Yes. We do have a pick up handle that will fit any model of mechanical earth drill. Adding a roll cage to your machine will also make it easier to lift into a trunk or onto the bed of a pick-up.