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Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers
Little Beaver® manufactures digging machines to meet the needs of a wide range of customer applications. The machines we offer are 5.5 or 8 horsepower mechanical models with either a Honda or Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. These machines are easily operated by one person. Little Beaver 8 HP engine with 10" pneumatic wheels mounted to a roll cage frame (optional) with easy snap-on auger.
Little Beaver® Earth Drills feature a patented Torque Tube. This device consists of a telescoping steel bar which extends from the engine to the power head. The Torque Tube transfers all the counter torque produced by the auger back to the engine, providing greatly increased safety and endurance.
Safety, efficiency, and one-man operation make these earth drills the choice of professionals around the world. Look over our product information to find the right auger for your application.
  • Easy one-man operation
  • Lightweight, powerful, reliable
  • High speed auger rotation (360 RPM) digs holes quickly and cleanly
  • Torque-free digging eliminates kickback
  • Gets into areas inaccessible to skid-steer loaders
  • Easy rolling wheeled carriage leaves no marks, eliminating costly turf restoration costs
  • Snap-on augers for convenience
  • Augers available in 6", 9", and 12" sizes
  • Standard points and cutting blades are reversible and replaceable
  • Carbide blades available for drilling in hard clay, frozen ground,  or asphalt
  • Applications: Fencing, Decks, Landscaping, Sign Erection, Soil Sampling
Simple One-Man Operation Saves Time And Labor
Little Beaver Augers move easily on 10"
pneumatic wheels. One-man operation
saves time and labor.

Heavy-Duty Transmission
Heavy-duty transmissions
feature cooling fins for quick
heat dissipation, o-ring oil
seals, and heat-treated
shafts and bearings mounted
in an oil bath.

Engine Throttle and On/Off Switch
Engine throttle control and the
on/off switch are conveniently
located on the left handle.
Padded handles are
ergonomically designed for
less fatiguing operation.
Centrifugal Clutch
Reliable, centrifugal clutch
slips when a buried object
is encountered or the auger
is overloaded. This protects
the flexible drive cable, gears
and shafts from damage.
Snap Button Connector
Convenient snap button holds
the auger securely to the
transmission adapter and lets
you easily connect or remove
augers without pins or tools.
Snap-On Augers
Little Beaver offers a selection
of snap-on augers in 36" lengths.
Diameters available in 6", 9", and
12". Augers come standard with
hard-faced replaceable blades.
Cutting Blades
Standard replaceable points
and cutting blades are suitable
for most applications. Carbide
blades work best in hard clay,
frozen ground and asphalt.