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MontageŽ Bolt-on Gate Hardware Kits
Hardware for Single Swing and Double Swing Gates
  • Uses 2-piece male and female type hinges, fork and collar latch
  • E-coat finish that matches Montage fence
  • Includes stainless steel fasteners
  • Available for single and double swing gates, maximum weight 90 lbs. per leaf
  • Low maintenance20 year warranty
  • Single swing kit: 2 female hinges, 2 male hinges, 1 latch hanger, and 1 fork latch
  • Double swing kit: 6 female hinges (two used for cane bolt), 4 male hinges, 1 latch hanger, 1 fork latch, and 1 can bolt

Bolt-on Hardware for Single Swing Gate

Easy to assemble Bolt-on Gate Hardware.
Hinge and Latch Assembly
Bolt-on Hardware for Single and Double Swing Gates

Ameristar Montage
Components and Accessories