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What spacing problems might there be with hoops and circles on some styles of ornamental fences?

Applicable Products:
Styles #9, 10, 18 and any others with top hoops or circles in the design have definite restrictions on cutting sections down to fit odd spaces or between columns. Naturally, you would want to avoid cutting the hoop or a circle in half to make a section fit. Sometimes this can not be avoided.

Since it can be tricky for us to plan your project so closely as to advise you on how far apart to space columns, it is highly recommended that you purchase the fence first and build your columns to fit the fence. We do not sell or make custom spaced pickets with custom hoops or circles.

Another reason spacing can be critical is the fact that the sections are made to slide into the holes on the posts. This requires a little extra length on the end of the rails, which before installation creates a larger space at the last pickets compared to the spacing in between the rest of the pickets. This is true of all ornamental aluminum fences, regardless of style.

When mounting sections on walls and columns, it desirable to cut the last 1" or so off the end of all section rails before mounting to keep the picket spacing uniform. In reality, most jobs are set up in such a way to err on the side of cutting too much off the sections. The reason is that the sections look better with the last picket spacing being smaller rather than larger than the rest of the picket spacing. It depends on how picky you prefer to be. All the more reason for ordering your fence before you build your columns.

We use many manufacturers. Each manufacturer uses different width panels, although most are about 6' wide. The slight difference between manufacturers can foul up a job, if you call us for spacing and then later switch styles when ordering. You must communicate very carefully with us to avoid that sort of problem. Don't expect us to remember the details of your job. If it is not in writing, we won't remember. There are many people who work on your order.

Gates can require an extra picket or two, which will break the consistency of the pattern. For example, a 3' wide style #9 gate (Strictly a Jerith style) has 7 pickets in it. The style requires 3 pickets per repeated pattern. The two outside ones accept the hoop and the center one of the three takes a finial. With 7 pickets in the gate, one extra picket must be in the center to keep the gate symetrical. This picket would require a finial. The result is that the gate has two hoops and 3 pickets that require finials. If this sort of detail is critical to you, a custom gate would have to be made. The cost of this particular gate would double.

Updated 05/31/06