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What do I do about corners that are not 90 degrees or odd angles?

Applicable Products:
All styles of ornamental aluminum fence.


It is not unusual to have an angle other than a 90 degree corner. You can use a corner post or a line post, depending on the angle. Basically, anything wider than 90 degrees, use a line post. Less than 90 degrees, use a corner post.

For the purposes of the online ornamental fence calculator, any angle must be entered as a corner post. The reason is that each line up to that angle must be entered in order for sections and line posts to be calculated properly. Each of the angled posts will be listed in the material list as a corner, but in reality, line posts must be substituted for those particular posts where appropriate.

To better understand the use of a line post versus a corner post, study the drawing below. Each of these must be entered in the calculator as a corner post, even though you intend to change it when ordering. If in doubt, you can always order a blank post (one with no holes) or an end post with the intention of cutting the other holes on the job, when you can better assess which is best.

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Updated 05/31/06