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Can I mount to a column, or do I need a post?

Applicable Products:
All Styles of ornamental aluminum fence.

Yes, you can. There are special fittings that get bolted to the column and then the section rail rests in the fitting. The rail is then screwed into the fitting. One fitting is required per rail. Sections can have 2 to 4 rails, depending on height and style.

Every manufacturer uses a different shape of fitting, the rail shapes vary among manufacturers. The names of the fittings also vary among manufacturers. Common names are "rail ends", "wall mount fittings" or "wall brackets". Most fencers would know what you mean regardless of its title.

If you choose to use a post, you can. You can concrete it into the ground like the rest of the posts or you can cut the bottom off and bolt it to the wall or column. One such application for using posts is to mount a gate between the columns. Most manufacturers supply hinges and latches made to mount to their posts. Attempting to use that hardware to mount to columns is difficult, if not impossible. Special attention must be made by you and us to coordinate direct column mounting of gates.

Updated 05/31/06