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Hydraulic Heavy Duty Gate Closer
LUS-TB950 Magnum

The Lockey TB950 Magnum is a concealed, heavy-duty hydraulic gate-closing system designed to act as both the gate closer and hinge. Ideal for man-gates and other heavy gate systems, the TB950 Magnum is perfect for schools, airports, oil fields and other applications where effective perimeter security is necessary. With speed adjustments for both closing and latching speed, the TB950 provides consistent closing pressure, ensuring gates close smoothly and steadily. Additionally, the gate closer/hinge is 180-degree capable (swing-in/out) when equipped with a 180 Adapter Plate (sold separately below).
Suitable for gates up to four-feet wide and 250 pounds in weight, the TB950 has no ‘pinch-points’ and can be installed on both right and left-handed gates. The TB950 Magnum is tested to one-million cycles and can operate in temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The TB950 is meant to be fabricated into the gate directly. Welding is required in most cases. See installation instructions below for more information.

Also available are LINX Adapter Kits for round post applications.


  • Self-closing
  • Closer acts like a hinge, includes pivot bracket for opposite end of gate, tube of grease included
  • Two speed adjustments - closing and latching
  • Can be mounted on either top of bottom of the gate
  • 2-way operation (swing-in / swing-out) for right or left-handed gates
  • Tested for 1 million cycles
  • Maximum opening angle of 90 degrees (without optional adapter)
  • Zinc plated for long life, paintable
  • Installation Instructions
Technical Specifications:  
      Maximum Gate Weight: 240 lbs.
      Maximum Gate Width: 48 in.
      Maximum Opening Angle: 90 (without adapter plate)
      Type of Gate Material: Vinyl, Wood, Steel, Aluminum
      Gate Closing/Latching Speed: Adjustable
      Material: Steel
      Color: Zinc Gold
      Finish: Zinc Coated
      Minimum Operating Temperature -40 F

TB950 Magnum Gate Closer - Click to enlarge!
TB950 Magnum Gate Closer/Hinge
(painted black, actual product zinc gold colored)

Top Pivot - Click to enlarge!     TB950 Magnum Installed - Click to enlarge!     Click to enlarge!     Click to enlarge!

LUS-TB950-BK Heavy Duty Gate Closer TB950 Magnum - 240 lb. Limit - Black $ Add To Cart
LUS-TB950-180-BK 180 Adapter Plate for Heavy Duty Gate Closer TB950 Magnum - Black $ Add To Cart