Residential Delivery Charge
Trucking company charge for delivery to residential address

Trucking companies charge an additional fee for delivery to a residential address. This charge is not included with your shipping charge (if any). Although residential delivery is the most popular method there are other options available, please see below.

Residential Address Delivery:

Trucking carriers impose additional costs to ship to a residential address. The additional fee is because shipping carriers are not allowed to use 18 wheelers on residential streets. The carrier must transfer your order to a smaller truck to deliver to a residential address. The residential fee includes a call before delivery and a lift-gate truck if available. It is the customer's responsibility to help unload the order.

Commercial/Business Address Delivery:

Trucking carriers do not charge an additional fee to deliver to a business address. Commercial/business deliveries must provide a forklift or loading dock along with personnel to unload the order at regular business hours. Truck drivers are not deemed responsible to help unload the product off the truck. If your business operates from a residential address you will still be charged for a residential delivery.

Terminal Delivery:

You can save residential delivery charges by having the trucking carrier deliver to their local trucking terminal closest to you. You will be responsible to provide a vehicle to pick up the order when it arrives. Storage fees can be assessed if this is not done in a timely manner.