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Step 3: Dig Holes and Set Posts

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1. Install a pair of gate posts first. (If you don't have any gates, then start with an end or corner post.)
Dig the post holes and and set the posts into them.
Fill the holes with concrete and tamp down around each post so the concrete is about 2" below ground level.
The gate will be attached after the concrete is set.
The distance between the posts should be equal to the width of the gate. (i.e.: a 48" gate fits into a 48" opening)
The proper operation of a gate depends upon the correct installation of the gate posts.  Make certain they are plumb.

Look at Jim Beutler go!  WHEW!.....Yeah, that's deep enough, yeah, that's the ticket!

CAUTION: The concrete footings should extend below the frost line in areas where freezing of the ground can cause "heaving".  The posts themselves do NOT have to go below the frost line for proper installation.

level_post.jpg (9788 bytes)
Important: Level and square all posts!



36", 42", 48"

60" 24"
54", 72" 30"
84" 36"
96" 42"
2. Repeat this procedure for all other gate posts that are not in the same line of fence.  Gate posts that are in the same line of fence will be installed when the fence reaches their location.
3. After the gate posts are set, the first line of fence is installed.  Dig up to 8 holes for the line posts along the fence line.  If you reach an end or corner of the fence line, then dig the post hole where it is needed.

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