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Step 4: Assemble Fence

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1.   To assemble the fence, slide the horizontal rails of a section into the punched holes of the first post that was set as far as the notched hole will allow.  Place a line post into the next post hole, and slide the line post onto the horizontal rails as far as possible.

NOTE: Corner posts require the horizontal rails of one section to be specially cut to allow both sections to fit into the post.  A 1/2" by 1/2" piece must be removed from the end of the rails.

Closeup of notched rail and post   Closeup of notched rail and post

2. Pour concrete around the post.  Check that the post is plumb and alligned with the guide string.
Tamp it down to hold it into position.
Leave the concrete about 2" below ground level.
Make sure that the posts are parallel to the pickets in the sections!   Otherwise the installation will appear very sloppy.

Make sure those posts are level!   How to level the sections.

3.  When you have 6 to 8 sections installed, align the fence by sighting along the top of the horizontal rails.  When correctly aligned, the rails will appear to be one continuous line.  Also the posts will appear to be one when viewed from the end of the fence line.  Continue in this manner until all the fence sections are installed.

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