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Patriot Ornamental Wire Fence
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are gates sold assembled? memo1
  2. What should the distance be between posts when mounting an ornamental wire gate? memo2
  3. How wide is a section? memo3
  4. Can I mount to a column, or do I need a post? memo4
  5. Are there differences between line, end, corner, and gate posts? memo5
  6. What colors are available? memo6
  7. Can I use this fence as railing? memo7
  8. Are line posts included with the sections? memo8
  9. Are post caps included with the purchase of a fence post? memo9
  10. Are the sections shipped assembled? memo10
  11. How tall is the actual fence? memo11
  12. What is the post spacing? memo12
  13. Is the hardware included with the purchases of a gate kit? memo13
  14. How should I determine the gate size I need? memo14
  15. Do I need heavier posts on both sides of the gate? memo15
  16. How are slopes handled with ornamental wire fence? memo16
  17. What should the spacing be when I'm installing the fence between columns? memo17
  18. What do I do about corners that are not 90 degrees or odd angles? memo18
  19. I am unable to set a post tight to a building due to an obstruction buried in the ground. How do I accomodate this? memo19
  20. Can the ornamental wire fence systems be used for pool enclosures? memo20

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