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Are gates sold assembled?

Gates are not sold assembled. Preassembled gates are not available in this style fence. Gate Kits are available to construct your gate to whatever width needed, up to 6' wide. When you purchase a gate kit, it comes with the two gate uprights (the sides), hinges, connecting hardware (corner castings to attach uprights to rails) and latch. You must also purchase a matching fence section to complete the gate. Widths smaller than 6' require cutting the fence section to desired width. This can be done easily with a hacksaw. Be sure to cut the rails in a matter to keep the ends square. Cut wire sections of the fence should be touched up with available brush-on paint to keep from them from rusting. Double gates can be made up to 12' by purchasing double gate kits and two sections of fence. Two drop rods are included with double gate kits. Assembling a gate is not extremely difficult and requires no special tools or skills. Gates are rated to support a 300 lb. vertical load on the latch side of the gate without collapsing.