Jerith Patriot ™ Ornamental Wire Fence
Figuring Quantities

This manual calculator will enable you to get an accurate material list for ornamental wire aluminum fence. Record your measurements to figure quantities and order from our convenient online price list or call us at Hoover Fence Co. for a free estimate @ 1-800-355-2335

This illustration points out that each line of fence, identified by the letters, is separate and distinctively different than the others for estimating purposes. Note that the side A-B, are two separate lines, do not include the width of the gate.
It does not matter that your fence project may not match the illustration. Make a similar drawing of your project and label the sides. This will help clarify your entries in the fields below.
Step 1 - Figuring Fence Sections Needed:
Enter footage for each stretch.
A:_____ B:_____ C:_____ D:_____ E:_____ F:_____ G:_____ H:_____ I:_____ J:_____ K:_____ L:_____ Total =_____ft.

Total ft. = _____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes) 6 = _____ If a fraction, round this number up to the next number to get the total number of fence sections needed for your job.
Total Fence Sections = _____

The Patriot™ fence system uses "blank posts" meaning they are not routed to accept fence sections like most styles. This style of fence uses "rail end brackets" to attach the fence rails to the posts. Therefore all the posts are the same and can be used for line, corner, end, and gate posts. However, post caps and mounting brackets are included with the posts so posts are ordered as line, corner, and end posts to assure the proper fittings are included. Gate posts for this style fence are considered end posts. Mark your drawing to show posts as in the drawing at left. These posts will be added to the total once we figure line posts.
Step 2 - Figuring Posts Needed:
Line Posts: Enter footage for each stretch, divide by 6 (round up to next highest number if fraction), then subtract 1. This will give you the amount of line posts needed for each stretch. Lets give this a try...
A:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
B:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
C:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
D:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
E:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
F:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
G:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
H:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
I:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
J:_____ calc-div.jpg (4981 bytes)
6 = _____ - 1 =_____
Add all figures above for total line posts = _____
Add all corner posts from your drawing =_____
Add all end posts from your drawing = _____

There, you're done. Don't forget to order your gates!
Print this form to calculate your fence job!