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Jerith Ornamental Wire Fence Specifications

These specifications are for a new product and are subject to change. We will attempt to update any changes in the future. If you have any questions about any specifications in particular, feel free to contact us for current information.

Part 1 SCOPE:

This specification covers Ornamental Wire Fence as manufactured by Jerith Manufacturing Co., Inc., including sections, posts and gates.


2.01 Manufacturer:
The fencing system shall be Ornamental Wire Fence as manufactured by Jerith Manufacturing Co., Inc.,14400 McNulty Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154. (Telephone: 800-344-2242, Fax: 215-676-9756, email: [email protected]) The fence shall be fabricated so as to allow for 48, 60 or 72 inch finished height. The color of the fence system shall be black.

2.02 Materials:
A. Stuctural Components:  All posts and rails used in the fence system shall be manufactured from coil steel having a minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi. The steel shall be galvanized to meet the requirements of ASTM A525 with a zinc coating weight of 0.60-1.0 ounces per square foot.

B. Infill:  Section infill wires shall be steel with a minimum yield strength of 80,000 psi. The steel shall be galvanized to meet the designation of "regular coating" in accordance with requirements of ASTM A641-98.

C. Accessories:  Aluminum or zinc castings shall be used for all rail ends, post caps, and miscellaneous hardware. All castings shall be products of the U.S.A. Only stainless steel fasteners may be used with these accessories.

2.03 Finish:
A. Pretreatment:  A five-stage non-chrome pretreatment shall be applied. The first step shall be a chemical cleaning, followed by a water rinse. The final stage shall be a dry-in-place activator, which produces a uniform chemical conversion coating for superior adhesion.

B. Coating:  Fence materials shall be coated with FencCoat™, a TGIC polyester powder-coat finish system applied by Jerith Manufacturing Company. Epoxy powder coatings, baked enamel or acrylic paint finishes are not acceptable. The FencCoat finish shall have a cured film thickness of 2-3 mils minimum.

C. Tests:  The cured FencCoat finish shall meet the following:
1. Humidity resistance of 1,000 hours using ASTM D2247
2. Salt spray resistance of 1,000 hours using ASTM /B117

3. Accelerated weathering for 1,000 hours under Method 6152 of Federal Test Method 141 shall show no adhesion loss, with only slight fading, chalking and water staining.
4. Outdoor weathering shall show no adhesion loss, checking or crazing, with only slight fade and chalk when exposed for 1 year in Florida facing south at a 45 degree angle.
5. Minimum hardness of 2H using ASTM D3363

2.04 Manufacture and Fabrication:
A. Fence Sections shall be manufactured with 1" square x 18 gauge (.049) tubing welded every 12" to the top and bottom of welded wire panels. Welded wire panels shall be comprised of 2 (.2625"), 4 (.2253"), or 6 (.192") gauge, (Washburn & Moen Standard) vertical wires and 6 (.192") gauge horizontal wires. Verticals of 2 (.2625") and 4 (.2253") gauge shall be placed 3.5" on center and 6 (.192") gauge horizontal wires shall be placed on 1.75" centers. Horizontal wire shall be 6 gauge and spaced to provide style differences but no further apart than would allow for substantial rigidity of vertical wires. Horizontal and vertical wires shall be assembled by automatic machines or other suitable mechanical means that will ensure accurate spacing and alignment of all members of the finished fabric. The wires shall be connected at every intersection by electric resistance welding in accordance with all requirements in ASTM A185. Sections shall be capable of supporting a 550 lb. load applied vertically at midspan and a concentrated load of 225 lbs. applied horizontally at midspan without permanent deformation.

B. Posts shall be 2" square x 16 gauge (.065") steel tubing. Posts shall be spaced 72" on center. Aluminum or zinc rail end castings shall be screwed to posts to receive the 1" square top and bottom rails. The rails shall be secured to the rail ends by stainless steel screws. Cast aluminum or zinc caps shall be provided with all posts.

C. Gates shall be assembled using panel material and gate ends with 1" or greater outside cross-section dimensions. Heavy-duty corner stampings shall be used to bolt each upright and rail intersection. All gates shall support a 300 lb. vertical load on the latch side of the gate without collapsing. Walk gates for BOCA Pool fences shall be self-closing and self-latching.

2.05 Warranty:

The entire fence system shall have a written 8 year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. In addition, the FencCoat finish shall be warranted not to crack, chip, peel, or blister for the same period.

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