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Hoover Fence Company Style #15 (Ultra Style UAS-350 Convex) Pictured here is a line of fence in Ultra style UAS-350 shown in designer beige. All heights have three horizontal rails except for the six foot high sections, which have four rails with another rail at the bottom that adds strength to the taller fence sections.
Hoover Fence Company Style #15 (Ultra Style UAS-350 Convex) This Ultra style UAS-350 fence is shown here in white. All Ultra fence styles come in black, white, bronze, designer beige and forest green. All colors are priced the same.
Shown here is Ultra style UAS-350 fence with a matching double swing gate with GTO PRO gate operators. The fence and gate are 6' high with 4 rails for extra structural support. Notice the horizontal rails added to the gate to give the openers a place to be mounted. This photo and the one below were sent to us by another satisfied customer. Thanks Chad M. from Oakley, California
Pictured here is Ultra style UAS-350 in forest green. Notice the unique spear points and rails used on Ultra fence sections and gates. Stainless steel screws are used to fasten the pickets to the rails and posts. Fence sections come completely assembled. All components are powder coated with a lifetime warranty against  cracking, peeling or chipping for as long as you own your fence. Remember, Hoover Fence Company will pay $20 for your installed photos of products purchased at www.hooverfence.com if we use them on our site.