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Model SLD Slide Gate Operator
Medium Duty Residential (Battery Back-up)

Model SLR Slide Gate Operator Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA!
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Width: 19"   Height: 25-1/4"  Depth: 18-3/4"
Dimensions.   Click images to enlarge.

SLD Specifications / Features


  • Durable, weather-resistant, UV stabilized polyethylene one-piece cover
  • Removable and lockable
  • Cabinet available in black only

Mechanical:Click to see Swing and Slide Ornamental Aluminum Estate Gates that add beauty and security to your home or business

  • Heavy-duty, zinc plated, steel chassis
  • Right-angle gear reducer
  • #41 roller chain (31' included) and sprockets


  • Pad mounting standard
  • Optional post mounting kit available

Manual Release:

  • Manual release is easily accessible
  • External disconnect kit available

Anti-Entrapment/Detection Devices:

  • Operator is pre-wired to accept contact or non-contact detection devices such as contact edges and/or photo electric eyes

Battery Back-up:

  • Dual batteries charged by 115 VAC or optional Solar Panels*
  • Charging circuit monitors and maintains battery levels, monitors AC presence, switches to batteries if AC power is lost and automatically resumes AC operation when AC power is restored
  • Field-selectable power loss options
    Option 1: Fail Safe (opens the gate and shuts down until AC power is restored)
    Option 2: Fail Secure (continues to cycle gate in normal operation until batteries run down and then fails safe/opens the gate. Resumes normal operation when AC power is restored or when solar panels
    * have sufficiently charged batteries.


  • 24 VDC permanent magnet motor
  • 115 VAC supply converted to 24 VDC for motor and controls
  • Power on/off switch
  • Emergency stop/reset button on front cover
  • Duplex receptacle on 115 VAC units
  • Three-button control station included
  • Accessory connections are 24 VDC
  • Easily adjustable rotary limit switches located in control box
  • Fully compatible with our entire line of Gate Operator Accessories including card control, loop detectors, radio controls, and automatic closing devices
  • Low voltage surge suppressor included

Control Circuit:

  • Click for more information!APeX controller includes integrated radio receiver, plug-in loop detector capability, surge protection, and easy to read labeling standard
  • Solid state circuit board, 24 VDC
  • Inherent current sensing system
  • LED diagnostic display for ease of setup and troubleshooting
  • Built in maximum run timer and auto close timer
  • Right-hand/left-hand easy conversion
  • Master/Slave - simple three-wire connection
  • Entrapment alarm
  • UL325/UL991 compliant

Warning Signals:

  • Continuous tone entrapment alarm
  • Warning beeper to sound when gate is moving
  • Pre-start audio/visual outputs included



  • The SLD is backed by a manufacturer's 5-year warranty.

*Contact Hoover Fence Co. for solar panel requirements in your area.

WARNING: All electric powered gates should have electric
       edge or photo electric control for safety. Purchased separately.

Model HP Voltage/
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SLD-211 1/2 115 VAC/1
Solar Panels
40 ft. 1000 lbs. 8"/sec. 145 lbs. Continuous $
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IRB-RET Monitored Retroreflective Photoeye Set - 60' Range - Includes Eye, Reflector, & Mounting Bracket
Note: Order 2 sets for UL325-2016 compliance - One for opening and one for closing
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IRB-MON Monitored Thru Beam Photoeye Set - 115' Range - Includes Transmitter and Receiver
Note: Order 2 sets for UL325-2016 compliance - One for opening and one for closing
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LIN-MT-1B 1-Button MegaCode Block Coded Transmitter
(click here for more compatible transmitters)
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2500-2346 Plug-In Loop Detector (click here for loops) $
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2120-483 Post Mount Kit $
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2650-107 Remote Disconnect Kit $
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2100-2010 Base Plate (seals bottom of unit) $
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2110-816 Base and chain plate $
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2500-2207 Low Voltage Surge Suppressor (included with operator) $
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2500-2116 Heater - 115V Discontinued
2650-111-07 Cold Weather Package - 115V
(must be ordered with operator)
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2500-2480 10 Watt, 24 Volt Solar Panel Kit $
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* Shipping included when ordering with a gate operator. Additional shipping charges may apply if ordered without an operator.