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Safety Railing Kits
(Steel or Aluminum)


The Kee Lite Fitting

The simple but effective engineering principle of the Kee Lite Fitting is the foundation of the most versatile pipe connection system available. There are many variations of fitting to suit wide-ranging applications, providing the versatility to achieve virtually any structural configuration.

Kee Lite Fittings are high grade aluminum silicon magnesium alloy. A range of fittings to suit four sizes of pipe is available. A simple hexagon key is the only tool required to create a strong, rigid joint. A recessed set screw, tightened by the hexagon key, firmly locks the pipe into the fitting. The set screw is manufactured in case hardened steel and is Kee Koat® protected against corrosion.

A Kee LIte Fitting (size 6 to 9) has a minumum slip load capacity of *1700 lbs. per set screw with the set screw tightened to a torque of 29 lbs. ft. on aluminum schedule 40 pipe. The minimum slip load capacity increases to *2000 lbs. when used with steel pipe. This is normally obtained when the screw is fully tightened using a ratchet wrench.

Minimum material UTS: 33,000 PSI. All Kee Lite Fittings undergo independent testing to assure quality and reliability.

(*rating includes a safety factor of 2)

Sizing Chart

Kee Lite aluminum fittings are designed to suit
Schedule 40 (aluminum and steel) pipe sizes

Kee Lite

Tube Diameter



Outside Diameter
(O/D) (in)

Inside Diameter
(I/D) (in)


1 5/16



1 5/8

1 1/4"


1 7/8

1 1/2"


2 3/8


Specifying Kee Lite Fittings
The information on fittings in this site is comprehensive, and because of the coding system we have adopted, easy to use.

Diagrams are shown for each fitting showing entry of tube/pipe, a table of dimensions and a definition of use adjacent to its appropriate Type number (L10, L15, L20, L25 etc.).

Alongside the Type number is a code (6, 7, 8 or 9) relating to the outside diameter of the tube/pipe for which the Kee Lite Fitting had been designed. The relationship between the Kee Lite tube/pipe reference and standard tube/pipe outside diameter is explained in the aforementioned chart.

Example: (1) A L10-7 is a Type L10 Kee Lite fitting with both sockets designed to accept a tube/pipe that has an outside diameter of 42.4mm or 1 11/16" (1 1/4" Nominal Pipe Size). (2) A L25-9 is a Type L25 Kee Lite fitting with all three sockets designed to accept a tube/pipe that has an outside diameter of 60.9mm or 2 3/8" (2" N.P.S.).

While Kee Lite can give a general guidance relating to the use of each Kee Lite fitting detailed in this site, the nature of the product means that the ultimate responsibility for selecting the correct fitting for an application must lie with the customer.

The customer should also ensure that the existing structure to which the Kee Lite construction is being secured, is of sufficient strength to support both the self weight of the Kee Lite construction and the imposed loads applied, including wind loads, snow loads, and any other superimposed loads.

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